Max is our beautiful black and white cat, he has stayed with us since he was a kitten, he’s now an old man at 12 years old but he’s still young at heart. Max has always been a therapy cat and he has a sense of how our Service Users are feeling, he often sits with service users who are about to have or are recovering from a seizure. Max knows when he is and is not welcome and will stay away if he’s not liked.




We have 2 resident African Grey parrots who stay at Nickirian Care full time Bracken (female) and Jazz (male). They can be very chatty and know many noises, sounds, tunes and words. Bracken can be handled and will sit on your arm, Jazz is a little more timid.



Maple is our deputy manager Kirsty’s Cocker Spaniel puppy, she sometimes brings her to work to visit service users and give them the opportunity to take her for a walk.